Some courses taught at GSU since 2006:

Approved and Proposed Courses

Course Development

  • Development of a pilot course pairing: Mathematical Music Theory-Postonal Analysis (2014). These two courses are offered together to the same group of students, both mathematics/statistics and music majors, advanced undergraduate and graduate. This pilot is result of an award granted by the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Development of a course on ‘Mathematical Music Theory’ (2014). The objectives include the use of specific aspects of Group Theory, Algebraic Combinatorics on Words, Topology, and Topos Theory in the analysis of general objects of Music (scales, chords, rhythmic patterns) as well as specific applications (development of software, analysis of pieces from different time periods and genres). The course was accepted by the Mathematic and Statistics Department at Georgia State University and will be part of the course offerings in the catalogue.
  • Development of a multidisciplinary course (mathematics and music students) on ‘Mathematical Music Theory’ as part of the Study Abroad with Peers program (2014). The course took place during Maymester 2014 at the East Chinese University of Science and Technology with Students from GSU and from ECUST.
  • Development and implementation of a mini- course (20 hours) on ‘Mathematical Music Theory’ (November 24- 29, 2013) for seniors and graduate students at the East Chinese University of Science and Technology.
  • Development and implementation of a workshop on modeling through Mathematical Music Theory for high school mathematics teachers. (June 2013).
  • Co-design of the doctoral course Learning Theories in Collegiate Mathematics Education (2010).
  • Online Linear Algebra course for "Georgia OnMyLine" (University System of Georgia)

Reading courses :

Linear Algebra videos, Math 4435/6435